There's nothing more terrifying than a major fire in a hospital. 

Hospital fire safety is of paramount importance, demanding the highest level of expertise and knowledge to prevent a fire occurring.


The Department of Health's Firecode concentrates on preventing fires and minimising their impact.

At Safety Counts  we understand Firecode because we have dealt with it at the coal face actually in the hospitals for many years

We provide expertise with a practical understanding of the operational needs of the modern healthcare environment.

We understand the vulnerability of patients, the demands on staff time, the constraints of funding and that the risk of fire is one of many risks that have to be assessed, balanced and managed.




Medical Gas Regulator

Medical Oxygen


With Covid - 19 some patients will require additional help to breathe and will need oxygen via ventilators or a cpap machine. This may also result in the ward area being enriched with additional oxygen. It is essential therefore that supplies not being used are correctly turned off, and all sources of ignition are removed or correctly controlled e.g. mobile phones and tablets; the batteries in these devices can cause sparks / fires and their use within 3 metres of people on oxygen should be eliminated or at the very least be restricted